April 5, 2014

Days 358-365

Day 358
 Christmas cactus macro.

Day 359
 Hydrangea leaf vein detail.

Day 360
 A number of these little birdies camp out in these shrubs at work. Love to hear there happy songs.

Day 361
 Bare trees and blue skies.

Day 362
 Sunset show time.

Day 363
 Busted!  You can tell how late these are since this one is from the Olympics.

Day 364
 Zacky-boy spends more and more time at Auntie-Grandma's house. 
Doesn't he just have the sweetest face?

Day 365
What a way to finish off a year . . . my first sighting of a flicker!

Well that's it for another year.
I will be starting back at day 1 for another trip around the sun.


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