March 30, 2012

Days 43-49

Day 43
 The skip of Team Canada at the Women's World Curling Championships.  They finished with the bronze medal.

Day 44
 Butternut squash latkes and kale for making kale chips . . . a new favourite snack.

 A Sunday afternoon walk down the lane . . . with my camera, of course.

Day 46
 My first daffodil has finally burst through its papery cocoon.

Day 47
 Went to Metropolis at Metrotown Mall with the girls and got lots of walking in.  It could take days to see the whole thing.

Day 48
 Carmona microphylla or Fukien Tea plant; great for creating bonsai.  Right in the centre it looks like there is a spider but it is dried flowers.

Day 49
Started my hip and knee class at the pool in Langley.  The physiotherapists at the hospital that give you the referral for this program say it is "gentle water exercises that improve your mobility".  They lied . . . it hurt like the dickens but I am sure it will be worth it in the end.

March 23, 2012

Days 36-42

Day 36
 Spent time at Bear Creek Park for my Urban Parks Photo Challenge.  I love to watch the ducks and have a hard time pulling away from them.  So cool the way the water swirls and ripples and reflects the green from the trees.

Day 37
Walking from darkness into the light.

Day 38
 A gift from my girls . . . just need some soil and seeds.

Day 39
"I have a light, and it always shines, it shines in the day and it shines in the night.  When the dark days come, and the sun isn't bright, I will be shining, for I have a light.
My light is the LORD, Jesus by name, my light is the Spirit, who leads me to change,
My light is the Father, who gave up His own, My light is the hope I'll be with Him in a heavenly home."
~ Don Potter
Day 40
 My what big eyes you have, Zack.

Day 41
 Gracie was sticking pretty close to me today.

Day 42
I was making stewed tomatoes today and the vines are just so beautifully star-shaped.  I think I will dry them and maybe paint them.

March 16, 2012

Days 29-35

Day 29
 Still volunteering at the boccia competition and taking lots of pictures . . . love this grandpa with his cutie grandson.

Day 30
 Saw this eagle's nest from the highway and had to turn aside to get closer.  

Day 31
Red headed house finch at the feeder.

Day 32
 My Gracie-girl . . . curious as always.

Day 33
 Chloe . . . my first kitty love,  my friends cat who softened my heart.

Day 34
 Okay, so this is the first day that I forgot to take a picture.  I was so wrapped up in this project that it was after midnight before I realized my goof.  This is a screenshot of a section of my "I Am From" post on The Art of Life blog.

Day 35
After days and days of rain, the sun broke through this afternoon and the crocus beamed their approval.

March 9, 2012

Days 22-28

Day 22
 Green grass in the lawn but the tall grasses in the planters are still waiting for warmer weather.

Day 23
 My friend Faith runs a theatre company callled "Imagine That Productions".  I went to see Peter Pan and Wendy on Saturday afternoon . . . great fun.

Day 24
 "A Chicken in Every Pot" . . . well at least there is one in mine and I'm making soup.

Day 25
 Chalkboard grocery list . . . more soup fixin's.

Day 26
 Sunny day encouraged these lovelies to open wide . . . glorious!

Day 27
 Mmmm, mmmm! I am a certified wing-nut.

Day 28
I have been volunteering at the Canadian Boccia Nationals Competition . ..  yesterday, today and tomorrow as well.  I am in charge of the call room where all the athletes must gather before their match.  This is Abneet, a precious young lady participating in her first competition.  Many of the competitors in this tournament will be representing Canada in London 2012 Paralympics.

March 2, 2012

Days 15-21

Day 15
Yesterday the first robin, today snowing like crazy . . . didn't last long though.

Day 16
Shannon and Ali's cat, Zack.  He calls me "Auntie-Grandma".

Day 17
  Papery orange husks of the Chinese Lantern plant.
 I finally made my lightbox and am loving it.
(Lightbox tutorial here)

Day 18
Spring is busting out all over.

Day 19
 A gift from a friend.

Day 20
Part of the nightly routine around here . . . treats to entice Gracie home from Auntie Shannon's.  Works every time. 

Day 21
I had some errands to run and found this little fella in a tree in the parking lot by the Organic Grocer.  That's why I take my camera everywhere.