March 30, 2012

Days 43-49

Day 43
 The skip of Team Canada at the Women's World Curling Championships.  They finished with the bronze medal.

Day 44
 Butternut squash latkes and kale for making kale chips . . . a new favourite snack.

 A Sunday afternoon walk down the lane . . . with my camera, of course.

Day 46
 My first daffodil has finally burst through its papery cocoon.

Day 47
 Went to Metropolis at Metrotown Mall with the girls and got lots of walking in.  It could take days to see the whole thing.

Day 48
 Carmona microphylla or Fukien Tea plant; great for creating bonsai.  Right in the centre it looks like there is a spider but it is dried flowers.

Day 49
Started my hip and knee class at the pool in Langley.  The physiotherapists at the hospital that give you the referral for this program say it is "gentle water exercises that improve your mobility".  They lied . . . it hurt like the dickens but I am sure it will be worth it in the end.


  1. Love peeking in our your world via your photographs. I can't write every day, let alone take a photo every day. But keep on inspiring me and I might take the leap!

  2. Bronze medal is great! I know my sister will be pleased... she curls well!
    I agree about the pain in water after surgery... a frog kick about killed me... I promise it gets better... all better; just keep on. I was at the pool today with Susie L and Carol B. So much fun!!!
    Your photos are choice as usual and seriously... I love your spider:)


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