February 24, 2012

Days 8-14

Day 8
 "G" is for Grandma . . . 
a scrapbook from my granddaughters that keeps their art work and letters.

Day 9
My lovely mousepad in my favourite colour.

Day 10
 This I know to be true.

Day 11
Love is patient, love is kind . . .

Day 12
 I love to make my own soup . . . this one is Beef and Cabbage.  
I also have tubs of Parsnip, Ginger and Leek and a lovely Butternut Squash Soup in my freezer.  

 A favourite shot from my long-awaited walk in Surrey Lake Park.  

Day 14
First robin sighting of spring.

" On fair Britania's isle, bright bird, a legend strange is told of thee,
"Tis said thy blithesome song was hushed while Christ toiled up Mount Calvary.
Bowed 'neath the sins of all mankind and humbled to the very dust
by the vile cross, while viler men mocked with a crown of thorns, the Just.
Pierced by our sorrows, and weighed down by our transgressions . . . faint and week
crushed by an angry judge's frown, and agonies no word can speak.
"Twas then, dear bird, the legend says, that thou, from out His crown
 didst tear the thorns, to lighten the distress
and ease the pain that He must bear, while pendant from thy tiny beak, 
the gory points thy bosom pressed and crimsoned with the Saviour's blood, 
the sober brownness of thy breast.
Since which proud hour for thee and thine, 
as an especial sign of grace, God pours like sacramental wine,
red signs of favour o'er thy race.
  ~  Delle W. Norton

February 17, 2012

Days 1-7

My first post of this new adventure . . . planning to post each Friday for the previous week.  I think I just might learn some new things about myself on this grand adventure . . . here we go.

Day 1
Birthday gift from my daughter . . . she knows about me and cemeteries.  Perfect choice for this genealogy buff.

Day 2
Birthday flowers . . . love those spikey greens but don't know what they are.

Day 3
"A" is for Andrea . . . or Alison, as these letter stamps belong to her.

Day 4
Two of the ingredients for my special cocktail of ginger, lemon, honey and cayenne pepper.  I prepare a hot drink that has never failed to chase away the sniffles, a stuffed nose or a scratchy throat.  Had to use it this past week . . . worked like a charm.

Day 5
Birthday cards from my dad and my sister.  One came early, one came late, but both had beautiful messages and a sweet treat inside.  Thank you, my dears.

Day 6
Plant-based, biodegradable cleaning products . . . no phosphorous, no bleach.  I do try to live a greener lifestyle in as many areas as possible.  

Day 7
Dinner and a movie night . . . "The Vow" with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum.  I went with my daughter and 5 young ladies in wheelchairs from her boccia club.

Until next week . . .