February 4, 2015

Days 351-357

Day 351
 My sunny windowsill still carrying the Christmas torch.

Day 352
 This little fancy has brought me such delight.

Day 353
 Sometimes I turn around to find this sweet face just watching my every move.  
Love her so much.

Day 354
 Heleborus "Black Onyx".

Day 355
 A single hyacinth blossom.

Day 356
 Perfect little crochet pumpkin . . . so fun!

Day 357
Mid-winter taste of summer.

January 26, 2015

Days 344-350

Days 344
Mossy winter greens.

Day 345
It's green, it's a bird, it's deeply discounted after Christmas!
 Had my name on it.

Day 346
Fancy frosting . . . so pretty.

Day 347
Beautiful Gracie warming in the sunny window.

Day 348
Raindrop on rose bush with signs of spring.

Day 349
Fruit hanging on through winter months.

Day 350
Daffodils springing up through layers of leathery leaves . . . in January. Woohoo!

January 25, 2015

Days 337-343

Day 337
 I love January in Metro Vancouver.

Day 338
 My fat-free dinner the night before an ultrasound.

Day 339
 The final straggler on the Christmas cactus that started blooming in November.

Day 340
 Peace lily blooming again on my desk at work.

Day 341
 Latest crochet project . . . snapped a #10 hook.  Glad I had a backup.

Day 342
 Not totally pleased with the outcome. This little basket was supposed to stand much taller and narrower but had fun trying it out.

Day 343
Morning sun through the bathroom window.

January 21, 2015

Days 330-336

Day 330
Snow falling on Scotch Pine.

Day 331
First try at an infinity scarf.

Day 332
Sweet gift from a friend . . . love this music.

Day 333
Pretty girl.

Day 334
Mmm . . . zucchini chips.

Day 335
Bird on the wing.

Day 336
The week started with snow, ends with budding hydrangea branches.

January 18, 2015

Days 323-329

Day 323
Seriously? You're cutting back on the treats? 
I am not amused.

Day 324
Paper star ornaments . . . starting to dismantle Christmas.

Day 325
Safely stowed for another year.

Day 326
These were received as ornaments but they are staying out as part of my decor.

Day 327
Crochet project . . . bath scrubbie.

Day 328
Zack in the window at my daughter's house.

Day 329
Snowflake stretched and "starched" with watered down white glue.

January 17, 2015

Days 316-322

Day 316
Christmas flowers from a friend.

Day 317
Christmas stars for Shannon and Alison.

Day 318
Alstroemeria close-up.

Day 319
Merry Christmas! Spending time at my daughter's.

Day 320
Boxing day adventure with my daughter. She stopped on the side of the road to let me "shoot" the sheep. No animals were harmed.

Day 321
Wonderful morning light for this shot.

Day 322
The missing chocolate finally found.  These were supposed to be in my stocking but they got stashed and forgotten.

January 14, 2015

Days 309-315

Day 309
Stovetopper tiny tree.

Day 310
We three kings of Orient are . . . 

Day 311
Whatcha makin"?

Day 312
Mama's birthday . . . always tied to the Christmas season.

Day 313
Zacky boy came for a visit and a little drink.

Day 314
Crocheted stars for some special people.

Day 315
It seems like the wreath is the last decoration to go up
 and usually the last to come down.

January 12, 2015

Days 302-308

Day 302
Christmas tree up . . . early December.

Day 303
Mirror ball ornaments . . . love these little guys.

Day 304
Pretty little poinsettia from my sister.

Day 305
Roasting pumpkin for the only Christmas baking I will do. 
Pumpkin Cheesecake Roll, the new family favourite.

Day 306
This handmade ornament was a gift to me 37 years ago.

Day 307
Sun flares, the last official week of autumn.

Day 308
So the clematis that did basically nothing all year decides to start growing in December.