June 28, 2014

Days 120-126

Day 120
 This budding promise barely opened before something damaged the stem and caused it to wilt away . . . disappointing.

Day 121
 This guy was on the inside but the photo serves to remind I must get outside and wash those windows. He has quite the fancy fringe all around.

Day 122
 Really enjoying my succulents, starting a new planter from "chicks".

Day 123
 Photo-bombed again.

Day 124
 Grilled veggies and pineapple . . . yum!

Day 125
 Sweet adventure with my friend, Faith.  
Love Cirque de Soleil!

Day 126
Who me? You think I did what?

June 24, 2014

Days 113-119

Day 113
 Clustered bellflower.

Day 114
 Spirea always makes me think of my mom . . .
 this was one of her favourite plants.

Day 115
 Shopping fun for my new (1st) grandson.

Day 116
 Volunteer poppies . . . lovely gifts carried on the wind.

Day 117
 A handful of sweetness for a morning treat.

Day 118
 I am particularly fond of creamy yellow roses.

Day 119
A bon-bon cake for a mom who loves purple.

June 21, 2014

Days 106-112

Day 106
 After the rain . . .

Day 107
 Short-stemmed carnations survived the winter . . . thought I lost them.

Day 108
 Magnolia blossom beauty.

Day 109
 That little green critter better not chomp on this beauty.

Day 110
 Stormy sunset.

Day 111
 Got a great deal on some yummy organic red grapes.

Day 112
Fern fronds unfolding in the morning sun.

June 11, 2014

Days 99-105

Day 99
 Osteo intensity.

Day 100
"We need to find God, and He cannot be found in noise and restlessness.  See how nature - trees, flowers, grass - grow in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence.  We need silence to be able to touch souls."  
~ Mother Theresa

Day 101
 Reaching for the sun . . . a future strawberry.

Day 102
 Who's who?

Day 103
 Norah's elegant table setting at our ladies "Beloved" meeting.

Day 104
 Dragonfly with a turquoise tail ornament.  

Day 105
Baby blue wild flowers.

June 7, 2014

Days 92-98

Day 92
My house-sitting gig . . . lovely setting.

Day 93
. . . and they all lived together in a little crooked house.

Day 94
Shelley on the hunt.

Day 95
So tempting to pop those purple balloons and help them along.

Day 96
Easter Egg radishes from 2 EE's Market.
 Love that place . . . lots of home grown, no spray produce.

Day 97
Knocked over, laid down low, still blooming . . . 
there's a message there.

Day 98
A field of wildflowers through a slightly rainy window.