March 30, 2013

Days 43-49

Day 43
 Hellebore - "Ivory Prince"

Day 44
 Making sure I stay hydrated.

Day 45
 The heady scent of hyacinth wafting on the breeze.

Day 46
Forsythia friends through the neighbour's fence.

Day 47
A lovely specimen in Shan's front planter.

Day 48
 Spring is bustin' out all over.

Day 49
In the cherry tree that overhangs our yard . . . tiny little flyer.

March 26, 2013

Days 36-42

Day 36
Detailed morning shadows on the wall.

Day 37
 Gracie has once again decided the back of my computer chair is a cool place to hang out.

Day 38
 Forsythia buds swelling bright yellow.

Day 39 
 Little cedar sapling reaching for the sun.

Day 40
 Hyacinth clusters emerging  . . . anticipating that heady fragrance they bring.

Day 41 
I had to repot my aloe as it was so top-heavy.  It no longer fits it the kitchen window.

Day 42
Thrift store find . . . love, love, love!

March 18, 2013

Days 29-35

Day 29
 Big pot of chicken stock in the making.

Day 30
Hello, little birdie . . .welcome back.

Day 31
 Stamps on a card from one of Shannon's sponsored kids.

Day 32  
 I love the neighbour's japonica that snuggles up to the fence and drapes over the side.

Day 33 
 Yah, I really like it . . . so beautiful!

Day 34
A little patch of moss on the fence rail.

Day 35
White Persian lilac first leaf buds.

March 10, 2013

Days 22-28

 Day 22
 My darling grand-niece Pippa.

Day 23
 Learning a new pattern . . . crocodile stitch.

Day 24
 Clay bells wind chimes.

Day 25
Found this carved into a tree at Sendall Gardens in Langley.

Day 26
 Pretty pot tied up with a bow.

Day 27
 Warm enough to put the new primulas outside.

Day 28
The birdies are back in the neighbourhood . . . so delighted.

March 6, 2013

Days 15-21

Day 15
 "The King of Love my shepherd is , whose goodness faileth never,
I nothing lack if I am His and He is mine forever".

A portion of an old painting found in a thrift store.

 Day 16
 Zack came for a visit today and found the back of the recliner a very comfy spot.

Day 17
These are store bought tulips but soon enough my own will be bloomin'.

Day 18
 A sweet little pitcher and bowl from my collection.

Day 19 
My little miss was very happy I noticed her water was empty . . . time for a big drink.

Day 20
 Top shelf treasures.

Day 21
Catching the lovely morning light on the kitchen window sill.