May 29, 2013

Days 99-105

 Day 99
 Pretty pink chives and a little something for the bees.

Day 100
 Some quirky artwork at my "house-sitting" home.

Day 101
One of the many purple varieties of clematis.

Day 102
 Morgan . . . master of the sad puppy-dog eyes.

Day 103
 Adventure day with the girls . . . 6 hours at the Vancouver Aquarium. 
 The "Jellies" exhibits were a major attraction.

Day 104
 Sweet bird feeder from my sister and brother-in-law.  
Happy it (and they) survived the move from Montreal.

Day 105
"Baby" the chatterbox . . . another of my charges while house-sitting.

May 21, 2013

Days 92-98

Day 92
 Mother's Day dessert . . . Strawberry Cheesecake Parfait.  
So light and berry delicious!

Day 93
 Dandelion seed head after a heavy rain.

Day 94
 My Mother's Day flowers.

Day 95
 Lovely iris.

Day 96
 My sister Kari with her newest grandchild, Jaeden Anne.

Day 97
 A little pot of herbs . . . Greek oregano and rosemary sharing some space.

Day 98
My begonia is looking much better in its new location.

May 13, 2013

Days 85-91

Day 85
 Ready for take-off.

Day 86
 My dad's new rescue dog, Joey . . . isn't he gorgeous!

Day 87
Chrysanthemums peeking out from the shadows.

Day 88
 I had this lovely painted clay wine cooler that I was using as a planter.  It did not fare well over the winter and shattered into many pieces.  I couldn't bear to part with the remainder and this week I planted this little succulent in it.

Day 89
 My "Killian Donahue" clematis is bigger than my hand.

Day 90
 And on the other side of the yard, the "Montana" clematis with its small white flowers is spreading far and wide and producing hundreds of blooms.

Day 91
The giant alliums are up and bursting out of their tight pods.  
Looks like this bee's bags are full already.

May 6, 2013

Days 78-84

Day 78
 My girl . . . sunshine and shadow.

Day 79
 Bergenia blossoms.

Day 80
 If only that would work for real with no consequences.

Day 81
 "Hen and Chicks" in the succulent planter I put together.

Day 82
 Happy faces.

Day 83
 The little Chinese girl across the lane helping her mama paint the fence.

Day 84
Finishing this week with my Gracie as well.  
She was just so darn photogenic this week.