April 30, 2016

Days 99-105

Day 99
Blossom bonanza!

Day 100
Juncus effusus "Big Twister" with fun spiral stems.

Day 101 
Beautiful double pink blossoms on a blustery day.

Day 102
Cracked pot, sad face.

Day 103
Pine cone beauty.

Day 104
Comfort buddy for a sick girl.

Day 105
Crochet floral headband for a sweet baby girl.

April 21, 2016

Days 92-98

Day 92
 Grape hyacinth cluster.

Day 93
 Rhododenron bud suggests a pretty pink blossom but they open to almost pure white blooms.

Day 94
 These just might be my favourite . . . pear tree blossoms through the lattice.

Day 95
 Camelia, such an elegant flower.

Day 96
 Japonica pieris, a member of the heather family.

Day 97
Cherry blossoms over the fence.

Day 98
Bashful beauty blooming where its planted.

April 14, 2016

Days 85-91

Day 85
 Mr. Molly, a recent addition to the household.

Day 86
Leafy skeleton. 

Day 87
 Blossom season has begun.

Day 88
 Petrified tendrils on Virginia Creeper vine.

Day 89
 Morning sun with a flare.

Day 90
Blue sky and spring blossoms.

Day 91
Tulipa tarda, a clustering tulip variety.

April 2, 2016

Days 78-84

Day 78
Isn't she lovely?

Day 79
 All done, ready for little mister Wyatt.

Day 80
 Love my girl's hanging succulent basket.

Day 81
 Is this our exit? Hard to tell in the heavy downpour.

Day 82
 Got to be one of my spring time favourites, helleborus "Ivory Prince".

Day 83
 Late bloomer.

Day 84
A final shot of the pink hyacinth.