April 30, 2016

Days 99-105

Day 99
Blossom bonanza!

Day 100
Juncus effusus "Big Twister" with fun spiral stems.

Day 101 
Beautiful double pink blossoms on a blustery day.

Day 102
Cracked pot, sad face.

Day 103
Pine cone beauty.

Day 104
Comfort buddy for a sick girl.

Day 105
Crochet floral headband for a sweet baby girl.


  1. the twisties are awesome and so glad your girl has a furry buddy and a mom <3 my Shoshi also had a get better day from the flu while the kidlets played with gramma at the goats and with grampa in the forest with planting trees...our Northern blossoms are also in full splendor... It does one's soul good eh !
    Beauty from your heart to ours. Thank you dear friend

  2. The pink blossoms blowing in the wind make a beautiful photo. I'm hoping your girl is feeling much better now. Love the pine cones - great perspective.


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