May 5, 2016

Days 106-112

Day 106
 Virginia Creeper waking up after winter rest.

Day 107
 Fashion Show Outreach and Fundraiser final rehearsal.

Day 108
 The circle of life.

Day 109
 Morning sun and shadows.

Day 110
 Crazy kitten, just like a human kidlet, a box is the best toy.

Day 111
 These azaleas look like they have silver sparkles on their stamens.

Day 112
What a noodle this kitty is, his name should be "Flopsy".

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  1. Lovely photos, as always, Andrea. I laughed at the circle of life photo, because recently I took a series of photos of the life cycle of a dandelion - but all separate photos, unlike yours in one. I haven't done anything with them yet.


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