September 29, 2012

Days 225-231

Day 225
 A lovely assortment of cupcakes arrived for my daughter's birthday . . . I had a chocolate with peanut butter cream icing.  This was the first birthday dinner with her dad's family.

Day 226 
 Our former neighbours across the lane knocked out a section of the fence with their truck and the new panel is finally in place.  I think a paint job is on the slate for next spring.

Day 227
 Birthday dinner #2 was with a group of young disabled kids that Shannon and Alison run a boccia club for.  Some of the girls from the club come to the house on Sunday afternoons just to hang out.  One of the mom's made this cake and a casserole dinner for everyone.

Day 228
 Coming home from birthday dinner #3, the going down of the sun was spectacular. I made an unscheduled turn and pulled over just to take this shot.  This was Shannon's actual birthday . . . my baby girl is 32.  She does not cooperate with me taking pictures of her.

Day 229
 Auntie Martha stopped by with flowers and a card for Shannon . . .
lovely gerberas and yellow tiger lilies too.

Day 230
 Still some colour in the the garden . . . 
red coneflower with some heather in the background. 

Day 231
The last of the sunflowers still going strong.

September 20, 2012

Days 218-224

Day 218
 I paid $4.95 for this heirloom tomato plant called "Black Prince".  
This is my harvest  . . . slightly disappointing but fun to grow anyways.  Caught a squirrel snitching a tomato on several occasions,

Day 219
 Fun with sunflowers . . . a little artful editing.

Day 220
 More photo art.

Day 221
 I have been trying to get this shot for weeks.  All the bus stops along River Road on my way to work have a rag tag assortment of lawn chairs  . . . so fun.

Day 222
 The last days of summer have been so warm with lots of boaters getting in some time on the water.

Day 223
 Love this baby blue convertible . . . just don't know what it's called.

Day 224
Caught this cheeky fellow digging in the pot of chives.  Now the question is, was he making a deposit or a withdrawal?

September 15, 2012

Days 211-217

Day 211
 One of my funny little photography quirks is I take pictures of fire hydrants from each city or town I visit. Who would have thought there is so much variety in hydrants?  This is from Delta, BC.

Day 212
 A member of the legendary White Spot Pipe Band.

Day 213
 My herb shelf . . . parsley, rosemary, and thyme.

Day 214
 A little jug of Sweet Peas.

Day 215
 Sunflare through late summer leaves.

Day 216
 Waiting for the light after work.

Day 217
Again waiting in traffic after work . . . love the complementary colours, orange on blue. 

September 6, 2012

Days 204-210

Day 204
 What's growing on my kitchen window sill.

Day 205
 Last of the hydrangeas.

Day 206
 Calculating kitten.

Day 207
 This package is on its way to #2 grandgirlie  . . . birthday next week.

Day 208
 Heliotrope, heather and a lone marigold holding up a little longer with the warm weather.

Day 209
 Love the textures of the chimney and the shingles.

Day 210
Waiting in traffic . . . a shot across the river.