September 29, 2012

Days 225-231

Day 225
 A lovely assortment of cupcakes arrived for my daughter's birthday . . . I had a chocolate with peanut butter cream icing.  This was the first birthday dinner with her dad's family.

Day 226 
 Our former neighbours across the lane knocked out a section of the fence with their truck and the new panel is finally in place.  I think a paint job is on the slate for next spring.

Day 227
 Birthday dinner #2 was with a group of young disabled kids that Shannon and Alison run a boccia club for.  Some of the girls from the club come to the house on Sunday afternoons just to hang out.  One of the mom's made this cake and a casserole dinner for everyone.

Day 228
 Coming home from birthday dinner #3, the going down of the sun was spectacular. I made an unscheduled turn and pulled over just to take this shot.  This was Shannon's actual birthday . . . my baby girl is 32.  She does not cooperate with me taking pictures of her.

Day 229
 Auntie Martha stopped by with flowers and a card for Shannon . . .
lovely gerberas and yellow tiger lilies too.

Day 230
 Still some colour in the the garden . . . 
red coneflower with some heather in the background. 

Day 231
The last of the sunflowers still going strong.


  1. what a lovely post of celebration! The last sunflower is startl
    ingly different from mine... just lovely

  2. If I ever need a bright spot in my day I know where to come.
    Stunning photos!


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