November 27, 2014

Days 246-252

Day 246
 Gracie waiting patiently for her turn on the coveted orange chair.  
Zack is not the best sharing-boy.

Day 247
 These primulas must think it's spring already.

Day 248
 Shot from the back seat of a moving vehicle . . . glimpses of golden leaves.

Day 249
 On a pistachio kick lately . . . really good for you too.

Day 250
 Left-over Thanksgiving colour.

Day 251
 Rosemary macro.

Day 252
My little "flat rock" collection and a dragonfly treasure.

November 23, 2014

Days 239-245

Day 239
 Not bad for the 2nd week of October.

Day 240
 Unusual feathery clouds filled the sky . . . so captured my attention.

Day 241
 "That elastic is mine, I must have it."

Day 242
 Thanksgiving baking . . . pumpkin cheesecake roll coming up.

Day 243
 Raindrop clusters.

Day 244
 Said pumpkin cheesecake roll . . . so yummy.

Day 245
Thanksgiving Dinner with family in Chilliwack.  Great dinner, wonderful company!

November 16, 2014

Day 232-238

Day 232
 Early morning sun.

Day 233
 Sharing a parking space.

Day 234
My curious kitten . . . I love her.

Day 235
 Peek-a-boo Zack.

Day 236
 Zack . . . take 2.

Day 237
 2 ingredient pancakes . . . just banana and egg. 

Day 238
Crescent Beach baptism on a cool October morning.

November 7, 2014

Days 225-231

Day 225
 Every year we get some volunteer seedlings from the neighbours cedar  . . . I rescue them from the path between the house and the fence, pot them up and later park them in a new more suitable home.

Day 226
 "When you wish upon a star . . ."

Day 227
 I keep threatening to remove this rose bush that really consists of a single branch, is hiding behind a massive spirea, consistently has its leaves bug-eaten . . . and then it goes and does this!

Day 228
 Spring colours in early fall.

Day 229
 Rain-splashed New Guinea Impatiens foliage.

Day 230
 It's not everyday that you see 2 orange men waving signs on the street so I obviously had to find a spot to capture the craziness.  Apparently the best spot was the Dairy Queen parking lot.  I may have slipped into the drive-through line-up after snapping the shot.

Day 231
My girl Gracie . . . about 8 weeks after her lion cut. 
Her hair grows fast and she is much happier now.

November 2, 2014

Days 218-224

Day 218
 Sometimes a shot comes out of the camera looking like a lovely watercolour painting without any fiddling at all  . . . such as this.

Day 219
 Final days of my peace lily flower.

Day 220
 Soft and supple leather bag.

Day 221
 Lemon seedling.

Day 222
 The centre stem looks like it has many sharp spines but they are actually soft rootlets.

Day 223
 A torrential downpour knocked over this branch of yellow roses.  The weight of the water snapped the stalk off right at the base.

Day 224
Rescued roses for a pretty still life.