November 2, 2014

Days 218-224

Day 218
 Sometimes a shot comes out of the camera looking like a lovely watercolour painting without any fiddling at all  . . . such as this.

Day 219
 Final days of my peace lily flower.

Day 220
 Soft and supple leather bag.

Day 221
 Lemon seedling.

Day 222
 The centre stem looks like it has many sharp spines but they are actually soft rootlets.

Day 223
 A torrential downpour knocked over this branch of yellow roses.  The weight of the water snapped the stalk off right at the base.

Day 224
Rescued roses for a pretty still life.


  1. Particularly like your yellow / green theme this week - adds some light and life to a grey and rainy day.

  2. I love your rescued rose still life <3

  3. Isn't it wonderful to live in a place where roses bloom in November, even if they fall from the rain? Glad you rescued them.


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