October 26, 2014

Days 211-217

Day 211

Day 212
 Such beauty . . . sigh.

Day 213
 Camouflage kitty.

Day 214
 Early sunlight through the neighbours evergreens.

Day 215
 Brought the rosemary inside to keep over winter.

Day 216
 Virginia Creeper's radiant red final days.

Day 217
Late season berries still going strong.

October 19, 2014

Days 204-210

Day 204
Eyes on the prize . . . the great bug-hunt.

Day 205 
 Marathon reading session to finish before an evening with the author.

Day 206
 St. Andrew's Wesley United, a Gothic Revival style heritage site in Vancouver, was the beautiful venue for An Evening with Louise Penny, celebrated Canadian author.

Day 207
 Geraniums doing much better since the heat of summer is passed.

Day 208
Raindrops on green stalks.

Day 209 
 Acidanthera - Peacock flower gladiolus.
 Supposed to be summer flowering but it was into September before the blooms started showing up.

Day 210
Japonica - next springs seed buds are already set.

October 16, 2014

Days 197-203

Day 197
 Miniature roses budding like its spring all over again.

Day 198
 Fascinating cloud formations.

Day 199
 Beauty unfolding after months of waiting. I almost gave up on them.

Day 200
 Muted fall colour on a discounted succulent.

Day 201
 Vanity plate?  This one is more like a "Wisdom" plate.

Day 202
 Took a walk on the wild side and tried these red romano beans.  The flavour was nice but the texture was difficult for me.  I have a texture thing.

Day 203
Zacky-boy edited with a reflection app . . . iPad fun.

October 8, 2014

Days 190-196

Day 190
 "Home is always where your heart finds love."

Day 191
 My stash . . . SLS free, SLES free, paraben free from the Dead Sea in Israel.

Day 192
 Summer almost over?  Not in this garden.

Day 193
 Alison's very prolific fluffy yellow rose. Such a heady fragrance.

Day 194
Love my little stonecrop succulent tucked into a broken clay wine chiller.

Day 195
 Virginia Creeper tendrils.

Day 196
It was an off year for my hostas but these young shoots should be just fine next season.

October 4, 2014

Days 183-189

Day 183
 Just can't get enough of this succulent planter.

Day 184
 Just about walked right into this . . . yikes!

Day 185
 Faded glory but loaded with potential.

Day 186
 Goldmoss Stonecrop macro.

Day 187
" Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,"

Day 188
 Woven wicker work.

Day 189
Shadows and lace curtains.