October 8, 2014

Days 190-196

Day 190
 "Home is always where your heart finds love."

Day 191
 My stash . . . SLS free, SLES free, paraben free from the Dead Sea in Israel.

Day 192
 Summer almost over?  Not in this garden.

Day 193
 Alison's very prolific fluffy yellow rose. Such a heady fragrance.

Day 194
Love my little stonecrop succulent tucked into a broken clay wine chiller.

Day 195
 Virginia Creeper tendrils.

Day 196
It was an off year for my hostas but these young shoots should be just fine next season.


  1. who is counting? I just enjoy your photos when they come.... so glad your summer is holding on too. I just picked fresh parsley, lettuce and carrots from the garden. The colours are radiant gold around us and the sun so warm... Fixing fences was fun today as I watched the dogs lounge in the sun as they guarded the grazing goats. Love and the tendrils were awesome and I can smell the flowers!

  2. Love the Love and wish I had my own "stash" Starting to relate to your comment about ever catching up. Working really cuts into the rest of your/my life.

  3. Beauty comes in all forms. Love these glimpses of your life.


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