October 19, 2014

Days 204-210

Day 204
Eyes on the prize . . . the great bug-hunt.

Day 205 
 Marathon reading session to finish before an evening with the author.

Day 206
 St. Andrew's Wesley United, a Gothic Revival style heritage site in Vancouver, was the beautiful venue for An Evening with Louise Penny, celebrated Canadian author.

Day 207
 Geraniums doing much better since the heat of summer is passed.

Day 208
Raindrops on green stalks.

Day 209 
 Acidanthera - Peacock flower gladiolus.
 Supposed to be summer flowering but it was into September before the blooms started showing up.

Day 210
Japonica - next springs seed buds are already set.


  1. you do have fun~ thanks for sharing the beauty my friend... your cat is amazing

  2. The secret of the flower is revealed! And it's a stunner!


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