February 25, 2013

Day 8 -14

Day 8
Aboriginal sculpture at Vancouver International Airport.  Went to play catch-up with a friend with 4 hours to wait between flights.

Day 9
My girl . . . I love her.

Day 10
 Some late winter colour.

Day 11
My dear grandgirlie #2 taken summer 2010. Only the editing was done this day as I was not really up to taking pictures. This is the day I had all my remaining teeth out and an immediate denture placed.

Day 12
A pretty thrift store find . . . so many possibilities.

Day 13
 A colourful storefront downtown Vancouver.

Day 14
 The domes and crosses of St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church in Vancouver.

February 18, 2013

Second Time Around, Days 1-7

Day 1
Pussy willows from my visit to Surrey Lake Park.

Day 2
Bare tree in the median . . . looks so brave standing there with traffic whizzing by on both sides.  Off to a movie with the girls for my birthday.

Day 3
My Gracie girl captivated by the twirling blades of the ceiling fan.

Day 4
Thrifted treasure . . . exquisite!

Day 5
A favourite Christmas gift . . . Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Day 6
Witch hazel at Sendall Gardens in Langley, BC.  
Trying to discover some new parks this year.

Day 7
Another great thrift store find.  "Many Thoughts of Many Minds" . . .
"Being a Treasury of Reading and Reference
Selections from the writings of the most celebrated 
authors from the earliest period to the present time."
By Henry Southgate 
(Originally published 1896.  This is the Popular Revised Edition, early 1900's)

February 10, 2013

Days 358-366

Days 358
 These dried hydrangea petals look almost like delicate butterfly wings.

Day 359
Waiting for the real thing, these wooden flowers bring a little pop of colour in the yard.

Day 360
 Best screensaver ever . . . little miss Ema.

Day 361
 Knothole in cedar fence . . . the perfect little window to what's on the other side.

Day 362
 Cluster of fallen oak leaves.

Day 363

Potted primroses helping to bridge the time until tulips and daffodil's and crocus.

Day 364

This little stinker was stealing from the suet cake I had put out for the wee birdies.  Must come up with a better plan.

Day 365 
"Pieris Japonica"
Hanging over the fence from the neighbours.

Day 366 
A picture of a picture that hangs in my kitchen.  
That wraps up the year in photos.  
I think I will carry on.