February 10, 2013

Days 358-366

Days 358
 These dried hydrangea petals look almost like delicate butterfly wings.

Day 359
Waiting for the real thing, these wooden flowers bring a little pop of colour in the yard.

Day 360
 Best screensaver ever . . . little miss Ema.

Day 361
 Knothole in cedar fence . . . the perfect little window to what's on the other side.

Day 362
 Cluster of fallen oak leaves.

Day 363

Potted primroses helping to bridge the time until tulips and daffodil's and crocus.

Day 364

This little stinker was stealing from the suet cake I had put out for the wee birdies.  Must come up with a better plan.

Day 365 
"Pieris Japonica"
Hanging over the fence from the neighbours.

Day 366 
A picture of a picture that hangs in my kitchen.  
That wraps up the year in photos.  
I think I will carry on.


  1. love what you share here Andrea! I always look forward to it. God bless your new year!

  2. I am always incredibly awed by your art, whether it be words, photos or a mix of words and photos. You simply bring light to everything you touch. I am privileged to be among your followers. I am always enriched having been with you in cyberspace. I am so thankful for technology that lets the east coast meet the west. My favorite? the first...until I got to the last. 'Tis a tough call!

  3. It has been a delight to watch this past year unfold for you. I do hope you will continue.

  4. That's a wrap!? Already? Looking forward to seeing images from your next trip around the sun. Thank you for a wonderful tour this past year.


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