November 29, 2012

Days 288-294

Day 288
 This Christmas themed pitcher and bowl was a gift from my sweet girl.

Day 289
 Sweet pea tendrils in the late November sun.

Day 290
 I've finally turned aside to take pictures of this old barn . . . been meaning to do so for months.

Day 291
 What can I say . . . dark chocolate with chili is awesome!  Ditto for the sea salt.

Day 292
 Old photo treatment to another "drivin' home" shot.  The moon was full and totally mesmerizing.

Day 293
 Miss Chloe vegging on the couch . . . she is totally in the zone.

Day 294
Misty raindrops look almost like falling snow.

November 22, 2012

Days 281-287

Day 281
 Spider plant needing a transplant soon . . . growing like crazy.

Day 282
 I've really enjoyed playing with rainy windshield shots . . . looks almost like oil painting.

Day 283
 One of the things I love about fall is seeing all the places where feathered friends had built their nests.

Day 284
 Love the way this shot turned out . . . another traffic scene from my evening commute.

Day 285
 A swatch of fabric from a Christmas project . . . that's all I'm saying.

Day 286
 A bowl of "fruit" from Shannon's Chinese Lantern Plant.

Day 287
The things dads do for their girls . . . like climbing really tall ladders to hang stars in the vaulted foyer.  Thanks, Ken.  Alison and Shannon are tickled to finally have them up.

November 15, 2012

Days 274-280

Day 274
 Catching the last rays of the setting sun in the rear view mirror.

Day 275
 A favourite shot from my visit to Surrey Lake Park on Saturday.

Day 276
The llth minute of the llth hour of the llth day of the llth month.  Remembrance Day  . . . in honour of all those who have fought, bled, and died to secure and protect our freedoms and those of others around the world.

Day 277
 My daughter is in full-on decorating mode . . . I love this little wooden nativity set on the bookshelf.

Day 278
 Waiting in traffic in the waning light I was drawn to this street light.  There was a few rain drops on the windshield that produced the lovely little coloured circles in this shot.

Day 279
 My lovely butterfly ring.

Day 280
Got a good giggle when I  figured out this vanity license plate . . . "Run, Forrest, run!"

November 9, 2012

Days 267-273

Day 267
Outside one of my windows at work . . . some kind of creepy beautiful.

Day 268
A blustery soaker of a day . . . I was in the van while the girls where getting Starbucks.

Day 269
Whimsical sculpture at Holland Park, Surrey, BC.

Day 270
Since falling back from Daylight Savings Time, my commute home after work is in the dark.  Just another 6 weeks and it will start staying lighter later.

Day 271
Thrift store find for my bathroom . . . gerbera daisies.

Day 272
Encouragement from nature . . . don't dispair, your change is coming.

Day 273
Heavy traffic morning gave lots of opportunities to snap away.  Love the early morning sunlight and the vine wrapping around the fence slats.  

November 2, 2012

Days 260-266

Day 260
 Farmer First . . . fair trade, organic coffee roasted and packaged at Pistol & Burnes Coffee Roastery in Delta, BC.

Day 261
 I love these little fabric covered journals that I found at Chapters in the clearance section.  This little bundle of three was $5.00 . . . such a great deal.

Day 262
 These beauties were in the lineup three weeks ago but they just look so cheery in a week of rain, rain and more rain, that they earned a repeat performance.

Day 263
 When I came out of the bank after making the day's deposit, I was greeted by this stunning scene.  That's why my camera goes everywhere with me. 

Day 264
 My almost nightly mug of ginger lemon tea . . . real ginger, real lemon, spiked with cayenne and sweetened with honey.  A great ally in cold and flu season.

Day 265
 This tree with "spring green" foliage caught my eye on the way home.  

Day 266 
Green and blue . . . my favourite colour combo.