November 2, 2012

Days 260-266

Day 260
 Farmer First . . . fair trade, organic coffee roasted and packaged at Pistol & Burnes Coffee Roastery in Delta, BC.

Day 261
 I love these little fabric covered journals that I found at Chapters in the clearance section.  This little bundle of three was $5.00 . . . such a great deal.

Day 262
 These beauties were in the lineup three weeks ago but they just look so cheery in a week of rain, rain and more rain, that they earned a repeat performance.

Day 263
 When I came out of the bank after making the day's deposit, I was greeted by this stunning scene.  That's why my camera goes everywhere with me. 

Day 264
 My almost nightly mug of ginger lemon tea . . . real ginger, real lemon, spiked with cayenne and sweetened with honey.  A great ally in cold and flu season.

Day 265
 This tree with "spring green" foliage caught my eye on the way home.  

Day 266 
Green and blue . . . my favourite colour combo.


  1. all lovely... but I will try to add the cayenne to the tea! love your brightness shot!

  2. Going to the bank on business and carrying your camera? Your dedication pays off again. Glad you caught the sun just at that moment. Green and blue is my favourite colour combination too - reminds me of cool forests and mountain lakes.

    1. The camera was in the car but I had time to grab it and shoot before the sun slipped below the horizon.

  3. So much beauty captured even in the mundane tasks of living.


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