May 28, 2016

Days 120-126

Day 120
Painted petals.

Day 121
African violets blooming again after a long rest.

Day 122
Funny boys.  This little house shaped shelf has been thoroughly sniffed. Every nook, every cranny. OK, it can stay, kitty approved.

Day 123
Pretty pink strawberry blossoms.

Day 124
White Persian lilacs.

Day 125
Hens & Chicks, no roosters.

Day 126
Mystery shrub, gorgeous foliage and golden clusters.
 Anyone know what this is called?

May 15, 2016

Days 113-119

Day 113
In sunshine and shadow, my constant companion.

Day 114
The strawberry pot is now a succulent nursery.

Day 115
Well rounded rhododendrons.

Day 116
Studious ginger kitty, Zack.

Day 117
Close-up creepy crawler on weathered cedar fencing.

Day 118
Ground cover with delicate white flowers.

Day 119
Peony bud being prepped for blooming by busy ant helpers.

May 5, 2016

Days 106-112

Day 106
 Virginia Creeper waking up after winter rest.

Day 107
 Fashion Show Outreach and Fundraiser final rehearsal.

Day 108
 The circle of life.

Day 109
 Morning sun and shadows.

Day 110
 Crazy kitten, just like a human kidlet, a box is the best toy.

Day 111
 These azaleas look like they have silver sparkles on their stamens.

Day 112
What a noodle this kitty is, his name should be "Flopsy".