August 31, 2012

Days 197-203

Day 197
 A leafy hideout for this little ladybug. 

Day 198

 Cool vintage auto . . . British style.

Day 199
 Baptism at Crescent Beach.

Day 200
 Barges on the river . . . common sight on my way home from work.

Day 201
 Late bloomer . . . I had to severely cut back this rose bush due to insect damage and it has come back beautifully and has a half dozen or more new buds on it.

Day 202
 Scary wheels on a big rig . . . when caught in traffic, take pictures.

Day 203
Full moon rising . . . early evening.

August 23, 2012

Days 190-196

Day 190
 Hot summer days find Zack stretched out under the ceiling fan.  
He's a big boy now . . . turned 2 last week.

Day 191
 Don't know the name of this rose but I would call it "Summer Sunset".

Day 192
 I didn't see the little ladybug when I took this shot . . . love those little surprises.

Day 193
 A day at the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) in Vancouver.  This ride, called the Super Shot, climbs straight up for several hundred feet and then drops very rapidly back to within a few feet of the base.  Not for me, no thanks.  

Day 194
 Caught in traffic again . . . this time along River Road in Delta by my new place of employment.  Of course I had my camera and shot some lovely wildflowers.

Day 195
 Sun going down . . . moon showing big and bright.

Day 196
While most of the hydrangeas are looking rather scraggly about now, this one is sporting some fresh blossoms.  So pretty.

August 17, 2012

Days 183-189

Day 183
 Concrete steps and black-eyed Susan's at the library in Fleetwood.

Day 184
 Passion flower bloom where I was house-sitting . . . 
looks like it came from outer space.

Day 185
 My $1 lily deal . . . Sweet Surrender . . . so pretty.

Day 186
 These red-orange sunflowers have been one of my favourite subjects to photograph this month.

Day 187
 Hot day, cool car . . . still needs to hide out in the shade for a while.

Day 188
 Finally  . . . I have some tomatoes that are not falling off or turning black.  They are heirloom tomatoes called Black Prince and I have been somewhat disappointed with them but am holding out hope that I will actually get to taste them.

Day 189
Trying to see how well hydrangea blossoms dry.  They have passed their prime on the bush so am looking for ways to prolong the enjoyment of them.

August 10, 2012

Days 176-182

Day 176
 Daddy long legs on my bedroom window.

Day 177
 Red sunflower bud showing its colours.

Day 178
 Enchanting osteospermum.

Day 179
 A few days later . . . opening up nicely.

Day 180
 Ah, sweet peas . . . a sweet scented summer favourite.

Day 181
Pink cosmos bud and lacy foliage . . . so delicately beautiful.

Day 182
First time I've seen a grasshopper all year  . . . gotcha!  I didn't have my camera with me so I asked him to stay put while I ran in the house to get it. He did . . . thank you.

August 3, 2012

Days 169-175

Day 169
 Juicy goodness on the back of a transport vehicle.  In this first week of the 2012 Summer Olympics, I smile at the "Proudly Canadian" sticker on the lower left.

Day 170
 Carrying on with the Olympic theme, I caught Gracie practicing on the balance beam.

Day 171
 Little birdie bird bath . . . gotta love end of season sales.

Day 172
 Lovely arching branches sporting spring green foliage.

Day 173
Fun with sun flares.

Day 174
 Sunny face finally opened up . . . first of many.

Day 175
Auntie Patti at Ali's birthday BBQ.