August 17, 2012

Days 183-189

Day 183
 Concrete steps and black-eyed Susan's at the library in Fleetwood.

Day 184
 Passion flower bloom where I was house-sitting . . . 
looks like it came from outer space.

Day 185
 My $1 lily deal . . . Sweet Surrender . . . so pretty.

Day 186
 These red-orange sunflowers have been one of my favourite subjects to photograph this month.

Day 187
 Hot day, cool car . . . still needs to hide out in the shade for a while.

Day 188
 Finally  . . . I have some tomatoes that are not falling off or turning black.  They are heirloom tomatoes called Black Prince and I have been somewhat disappointed with them but am holding out hope that I will actually get to taste them.

Day 189
Trying to see how well hydrangea blossoms dry.  They have passed their prime on the bush so am looking for ways to prolong the enjoyment of them.


  1. The details of creation spring alive in your photos and make me ever more grateful to a detail God who cares about the minutest aspects of e.v.e.r.y thing.


  2. I love all your flowers. Isn't it a bonus when a cheap flower ends up producing beautiful blooms.

  3. This is what I like summer we see colors everywhere. That car is hot! ^_^ Happy Sunday and thanks for the visit.


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