August 23, 2012

Days 190-196

Day 190
 Hot summer days find Zack stretched out under the ceiling fan.  
He's a big boy now . . . turned 2 last week.

Day 191
 Don't know the name of this rose but I would call it "Summer Sunset".

Day 192
 I didn't see the little ladybug when I took this shot . . . love those little surprises.

Day 193
 A day at the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) in Vancouver.  This ride, called the Super Shot, climbs straight up for several hundred feet and then drops very rapidly back to within a few feet of the base.  Not for me, no thanks.  

Day 194
 Caught in traffic again . . . this time along River Road in Delta by my new place of employment.  Of course I had my camera and shot some lovely wildflowers.

Day 195
 Sun going down . . . moon showing big and bright.

Day 196
While most of the hydrangeas are looking rather scraggly about now, this one is sporting some fresh blossoms.  So pretty.


  1. these are S T U N N I N G ! ! ! Andrea!

  2. I love the fact you always have your camera ready. My favourite from this set is the ladybug hard at work in the folds of the sunflower. Great photos.


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