August 3, 2012

Days 169-175

Day 169
 Juicy goodness on the back of a transport vehicle.  In this first week of the 2012 Summer Olympics, I smile at the "Proudly Canadian" sticker on the lower left.

Day 170
 Carrying on with the Olympic theme, I caught Gracie practicing on the balance beam.

Day 171
 Little birdie bird bath . . . gotta love end of season sales.

Day 172
 Lovely arching branches sporting spring green foliage.

Day 173
Fun with sun flares.

Day 174
 Sunny face finally opened up . . . first of many.

Day 175
Auntie Patti at Ali's birthday BBQ.


  1. wonderful to visit here today...have missed you and have lots to catch up on!
    love Auntie Patti and sunny faces and flares, bird baths(especially) and the Olympic cat!
    To your proudly Canadian...I am eating proudly Mexican ...
    love your vision dear friend!

    1. Have missed you the last while but know you have been busy with your precious familiy.


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