July 27, 2012

Days 162-168

Day 162
 Heliotrope blossoms . . . so pretty and delicate.

Day 163
 Sunflower bud getting bigger every day.

Day 164
 My dad, my sister and my step-mom . . . family get together on Sunday.  Dad looking pretty good for 80.  I have way more gray hair than he does.

Day 165
 Perennial phlox after an evening sprinkle.

Day 166
 Still snow on the mountains mid-July.

Day 167
 Onion flower head . . . yellow stamens stand tall above tiny white petals newly opened.

Day 168 
 Daisy and winged hunter-gatherer.

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  1. Your sunflower bud and onion flower are amazing photos. Great to have family photos and scenery too!


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