October 29, 2013

Days 253-259

Day 253
 Creamy yellow rose . . .  is it really late October?

Day 254
 Some sweet little birdy stuff on my kitchen window sill.

Day 255
 Afternoon sun on young cedar boughs, cedar fence in background.

Day 256
 Stopping in for snack . . . semi-silhouette.

Day 257
 Bird's-eye view.

Day 258
 Most of the pine cones have already fallen but this was still hanging on.

Day 259
Oak leaf cluster.

October 22, 2013

Days 246-252

Day 246
 They just keep coming . . . many more buds on the bushes.

Day 247
 Little bird perched on the weathered bird plant hanger. 
Basking in the rays of the morning sun.

Day 248
 Looking a little guilty there, Gracie Lou.  Shelves are not for kittens.
 Still adjusting to a new furniture arrangement that impedes her ability to view the great outdoors.

Day 249
 Heading home after exercise class.  Had to pull over to savour the beauty.

Day 250
 A foggy fall morning softens the background and produces some negative space that appeals to the eye.

Day 251
 So many feathered friends visiting my little garden spot lately.  Chickadees, juncos, sparrows, starlings and Stellar's jays and probably more that I haven't yet identified. So enjoy their visits.

Day 252
Avian antics bring wide smiles.

October 17, 2013

Days 239-245

Day 239
 Yellow-eyed grass . . . a sweet surprise bloom late in the season.

Day 240
 Ikea's current ad campaign says "Nothing says home like Ikea".  Some unknown avian critter seems to agree as they have built a large nest on the letter E of the Ikea sign.

Day 241
 A glorious bouquet of hydrangea that have gone from a medium pink colour to this deep and rich scarlet hue.

Day 242
 The season of golden splendour has arrived.

Day 243
 Pumpkin seeds and bubble clusters.  The seeds went into the dehydrator and the pumpkin flesh has been pureed and frozen.  A yummy pumpkin roll was made for Canadian Thanksgiving dinner.

Day 244
 My big orange kitty-friend Zack has been visiting a lot more frequently.

Day 245
Chickadee clinging to the fence.

October 10, 2013

Days 232-238

Day 232
 Beautiful postage stamp on a package from a friend in Willow River, BC.

Day 233
 A final splash of colour in the garden.

Day 234
 Our sweet little neighbour girl loves to sing and dance around her yard while her mama works in the garden and flower beds.

Days 235
 First leaves turning colour.

Day 236
 I have been on a real orange kick the last couple weeks . . . such juicy goodness.

Day 237
 This rose bush produces the most beautiful blooms.

Day 238
It was a dark and stormy night . . .

October 2, 2013

Days 225-231

Day 225
 Clematis seed head.

Day 226
 "I want to hold your hand."

Day 227
 Dark clouds part and bright light shines through.

Day 228
 Strawberry runners taking off in all directions.

Day 229
Delightful clock face.

Day 230
 Gracie waiting for her turn in the hidey-hole.  For some reason it is now the highly sought out comfy spot for 3 cats.  Chloe, the old lady, beat my little girl to the sweet spot.

Day 231
Miniature roses . . . buy one get one free at the farm market today.  A little fall colour that I hope to overwinter in the house and then move outside in the spring.