October 22, 2013

Days 246-252

Day 246
 They just keep coming . . . many more buds on the bushes.

Day 247
 Little bird perched on the weathered bird plant hanger. 
Basking in the rays of the morning sun.

Day 248
 Looking a little guilty there, Gracie Lou.  Shelves are not for kittens.
 Still adjusting to a new furniture arrangement that impedes her ability to view the great outdoors.

Day 249
 Heading home after exercise class.  Had to pull over to savour the beauty.

Day 250
 A foggy fall morning softens the background and produces some negative space that appeals to the eye.

Day 251
 So many feathered friends visiting my little garden spot lately.  Chickadees, juncos, sparrows, starlings and Stellar's jays and probably more that I haven't yet identified. So enjoy their visits.

Day 252
Avian antics bring wide smiles.


  1. I love these photo walks with you my friend~ I'm blessed to know you see so much beauty... wherever you are... I also have days where I just have to pull over and stop and enjoy, for all the beauty. Isn't our God good!

  2. So very nice. I love that even though you are so far away, you could be right in my neighborhood. The plants and birds are quite the same.


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