October 17, 2013

Days 239-245

Day 239
 Yellow-eyed grass . . . a sweet surprise bloom late in the season.

Day 240
 Ikea's current ad campaign says "Nothing says home like Ikea".  Some unknown avian critter seems to agree as they have built a large nest on the letter E of the Ikea sign.

Day 241
 A glorious bouquet of hydrangea that have gone from a medium pink colour to this deep and rich scarlet hue.

Day 242
 The season of golden splendour has arrived.

Day 243
 Pumpkin seeds and bubble clusters.  The seeds went into the dehydrator and the pumpkin flesh has been pureed and frozen.  A yummy pumpkin roll was made for Canadian Thanksgiving dinner.

Day 244
 My big orange kitty-friend Zack has been visiting a lot more frequently.

Day 245
Chickadee clinging to the fence.


  1. Oh I love the chickadee and the wood texture!
    The tree of multicolours is pure glory!
    We also had surprise wild rose blossoms late into the season~ yours look like Spring all over again.
    My cat is also super needful of hugs but I think he just wants more heat!

  2. Beautiful autumn! Love the hydrangeas - I have some similar ones and you are inspiring me to cut them now.

  3. YOU - ARE - GOOD! Ikea, Pumpkin Seeds and Chikadee jump off the screen. The clean lines, uncluttered images, and interesting subjects all appeal to my senses.


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