October 2, 2013

Days 225-231

Day 225
 Clematis seed head.

Day 226
 "I want to hold your hand."

Day 227
 Dark clouds part and bright light shines through.

Day 228
 Strawberry runners taking off in all directions.

Day 229
Delightful clock face.

Day 230
 Gracie waiting for her turn in the hidey-hole.  For some reason it is now the highly sought out comfy spot for 3 cats.  Chloe, the old lady, beat my little girl to the sweet spot.

Day 231
Miniature roses . . . buy one get one free at the farm market today.  A little fall colour that I hope to overwinter in the house and then move outside in the spring.


  1. I have done the same with the miniature roses and repotting them and separating them (sometimes there are actually four plants in a pot) helps them bloom again my Christmas!
    your light is shiniing through a gloda ~ not sure where my Shelley friend came up with that one but I am always looking for them in the sky as they let a little Glory through.
    Clematis seed heads are so like Emu feathers~
    thanks for sharing all the beauty

  2. Beautiful as always, Andrea. Thank you. I'm happy to see Gracie's fur is coming back in. ;)


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