September 15, 2014

Days 176-182

Day 176
 Big clouds rolling in over Ontario farmland.

Day 177
 The sun setting on my trip to Ontario . . . the airport awaits.

Day 178
 My peace lily bloomed at work while I was away.

Day 179
 Learning a little about hydrangeas . . . this is a blue "mophead" variety.

Day 180
 Discovered this down the backside of the house on my way to the compost.
Creepily beautiful!

Day 181
 Most of my planters suffered in the heat this year but not this one.

Day 182
Hydrangea arborescens, "Annabelle", commonly referred to as Snowball. 
End of lesson.

September 10, 2014

Days 169-175

Day 169
Farm country, Ontario.

Day 170
 Evening bonfire complete with mosquitoes and black flies.

Day 171
 Tumbledown fence and Queen Anne's Lace.

Day 172
 The light on the other side of the dark woods.  
Calls to the "explorer" child in me.

Day 173
 Reunion Park beach, Kincardine, Ontario.

Day 174
Smiling at the remembrance of the great escape and the hilarious chicken roundup that ensued.

Day 175
Fresh picked green beans for the bunny.

September 7, 2014

Days 162-168

Day 162
Anatomy of a rose.

Day 163
 Perennial phlox

Day 164
 Bumble bee heaven.

Day 165
 The lion kitty . . . she had her summer lion cut.  
Coping much better this time around.

Day 166
 Broken windows, abandoned building.

Day 167
 Day lilies . . . wish they were mine.  My specimens were a dismal failure.

Day 168
Rainy day reflections.