April 27, 2012

Days 71-77

Day 71
Sun-kissed tulips highlight the texture of the petals.

Day 72
Stone steps and sprawling vines.

Day 73
While shooting an update for my Urban Parks Photo Challenge I captured this little lady nestled beside a fern at the water's edge.  I just love the reflection of the foot bridge that dominates the image.

Day 74
The last of the hyacinth . . . no longer standing erect but still beautiful.  
Farewell until next spring.

Day 75
Quite a few rainy days this week . . . 

Day 76
Granny-love . . . a little blurry but true sentiment.

Day 77
More rain . . . but it made for a lovely picture.  
Reminds me of a slideshow I once watched called "Billboards from God".  There was one that said, "Don't forget your umbrella, I might water the plants today.  ~ God"

April 20, 2012

Days 64-70

Day 64
Catching a sun flare through my window decoration.

Day 65
A sweet smile on my daughter's face as she blows bubbles.

Day 66
Happy pansy face.

Day 67
Heartleaf bergenia , also known as "Pigsqueak" for the sound it makes when a leaf is rubbed between thumb and forefinger.

Day 68
"Baby" has quite the vocabulary and loves to whistle "What if God Were One of Us?"

Day 69
Clematis  . . .  "Fair Rosamund"

Day 70
I found this cute little clay pot at a garage sale along with one for rosemary.    The rosemary didn't survive the winter outside but the oregano did just fine.

April 13, 2012

Days 57-63

Day 57
White magnolia blossoms.

Day 58
Across the street and down the lane a little  . . . lovely pink blossoms.

Day 59
 Emma . . . can't decide if she wants to go out or stay in. (A friend's cat)

Day 60
 This robin was singing a lovely song.

Day 61
 More blossoms  . . . they are everywhere this week.  These were at the pool in Langley.

Day 62
 When returning my mobility aids to the Red Cross I spied this little fellow outside the restaurant next door.

Day 63
Clematis has started putting out buds . . . hope they get a little farther along the trellis this year.

April 6, 2012

Days 50-56

Day 50
 View from my kitchen window.

Day 51
 My daughter's Christmas cactus . . . blooming for Easter.

Day 52
 I have played a little with pastels in the past and want to work with them again.  This kit I found at Winner's was just the inspiration I needed.

Day 53
 It's always so surprising to see the clematis vine put out new growth from what appears to be a dead, dried up tangle of twigs . . . a picture of resurrection this Holy Week before Easter.

Day 54
 One tall delicious glass of freshly juiced fruits and veggies coming right up . . . carrots, apples, ginger and parsley.   So good, so good for me.

Day 55
 Forsythia blossoms peeking through the fence.  

Day 56
Coming home from the pool today I got stopped for some construction work.  Enough time to snap this fluffy white cloud above still bare trees.  I am sure that any day they are going burst into their leafy finery.