April 20, 2012

Days 64-70

Day 64
Catching a sun flare through my window decoration.

Day 65
A sweet smile on my daughter's face as she blows bubbles.

Day 66
Happy pansy face.

Day 67
Heartleaf bergenia , also known as "Pigsqueak" for the sound it makes when a leaf is rubbed between thumb and forefinger.

Day 68
"Baby" has quite the vocabulary and loves to whistle "What if God Were One of Us?"

Day 69
Clematis  . . .  "Fair Rosamund"

Day 70
I found this cute little clay pot at a garage sale along with one for rosemary.    The rosemary didn't survive the winter outside but the oregano did just fine.

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  1. rubbing pigsqueak together and singing along with your whistling bird could be fun! Orchestral beginnings!
    again as a.l.w.a.y.s. I so love your photos!


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