October 26, 2012

Days 253-259

Day 253
Sunshine and shadows on golden leaves.

Day 254
I love the contrast of the solid church structure and the small tree with most of its leaves carried off by the wind.  It speaks to me in so many ways . . .                                                

Day 255
With the return of the cooler weather the feathered friends are returning.  
I really missed them.

Day 256
Diversity in nature . . . deciduous and evergreen, 
standing side by side like faithful friends.

Day 257
My painted pumpkin from the pumpkin painting party my daughter had for her boccia group.  Six young ladies in wheel chairs, my daughter and I helping.  Loads of fun, paint everywhere . . . smiles and laughter, shiny eyes and happy hearts.

Day 258
My little plate of starfish and stones.  The stone with my name on it is from David & Molly's wedding reception.

Day 259
Lafarge #1 Substation across the Fraser River from Delta where I work.  Sneaked away on my lunch break to enjoy the first sunny day in a while.  

October 18, 2012

Day 246-252

Day 246
 Rain-washed autumn splendour . . . 

Day 247
 . . . and more in a different colour.

Day 248
 Cutesy little "Sugar Loaf" squash from the farm market.

Day 249
 "Burning Bush"

Day 250
 I really liked the low angle of the morning sun . . . waiting in traffic (again).  Getting to work was painfully slow this day . . . 2 kilometres in 40 minutes. Yup, I was late.

Day 251
 Birdie digging to China.  Birdie is my boss's Golden Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

Day 252
I posted a shot of this tree 5 weeks ago.  It was sporting gorgeous golden-orange foliage at that time, but now only a few "hangers on" are hanging on.

October 11, 2012

Days 239-245

Day 239
Sunflare at sunrise, through the hedge.

Day 240
What a smile this puts on my face . . . love weathervanes.

Day 241
I find it hard to resist picking up these lovelies . . .great fall decorations.

Day 242
Zack, aka Zackman, Mister Mister, Big Boy, Bubba. 

Day 243
Two-tone chrysanthemums bring lovely fall colour.

Day 244
These red sunflowers have lasted so much longer than the standard yellow ones and produced multiple heads on a single stem, but this is finally the last of them.  
For this year.

Day 245
"The Lord is my Shepherd."

October 7, 2012

Days 232-238

Day 232
 This little critter is a frequent visitor around these here parts . . . he's usually too fast for me to get a good shot.

Day 233

 Hydrangeas still hanging on, being beautiful.

Day 234
 Had some fun playing with colour here.  I love how it turned out.

Day 235
 My sister and brother-in-law in Montreal have posted a number of photos on FaceBook featuring a graffiti chicken.  When I saw this bird I knew it would make it in my Photo A Day line-up the next time I was stopped at the light long enough to take the shot.

Day 236
 More colour play featuring a wrought iron planter hanger.

Day 237
 Such glorious fall days . . . hard to believe it is October.  Stopped in traffic again on way home from work . . . a common occurrence. 

Day 238
Tried to get some shots at the coffee roastery where I work but the lighting was off and most of them were blurry as well.  Had to settle for these rows of coffee pump pots.