October 18, 2012

Day 246-252

Day 246
 Rain-washed autumn splendour . . . 

Day 247
 . . . and more in a different colour.

Day 248
 Cutesy little "Sugar Loaf" squash from the farm market.

Day 249
 "Burning Bush"

Day 250
 I really liked the low angle of the morning sun . . . waiting in traffic (again).  Getting to work was painfully slow this day . . . 2 kilometres in 40 minutes. Yup, I was late.

Day 251
 Birdie digging to China.  Birdie is my boss's Golden Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

Day 252
I posted a shot of this tree 5 weeks ago.  It was sporting gorgeous golden-orange foliage at that time, but now only a few "hangers on" are hanging on.


  1. love your seasons! Dog digging my favourite!

  2. Why is it no surprise that I'm drawn to the photo of the "Ford-Truck-Turned-Into-Trailer" photo? For you it was the low angle of the sun; for me it's the memories of Fall. Out to the northern BC bush with a thermos of coffee, some sandwiches, a power saw to spend the day getting wood for the fireplace and stove.


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