October 11, 2012

Days 239-245

Day 239
Sunflare at sunrise, through the hedge.

Day 240
What a smile this puts on my face . . . love weathervanes.

Day 241
I find it hard to resist picking up these lovelies . . .great fall decorations.

Day 242
Zack, aka Zackman, Mister Mister, Big Boy, Bubba. 

Day 243
Two-tone chrysanthemums bring lovely fall colour.

Day 244
These red sunflowers have lasted so much longer than the standard yellow ones and produced multiple heads on a single stem, but this is finally the last of them.  
For this year.

Day 245
"The Lord is my Shepherd."


  1. I really like your posts Andrea - as Kari says, "They're always uplifting". I'm intrigued by the "red" sunflower; I didn't know such things existed.

  2. I love your Bubba photo and had to smile at your Lord is my Shepherd one... I have a sheep similar to the one in the foreground and the ones in the picture with the girl are like those from my herd of sheep I had :)
    Nice to see your flowers still... this was the last week for my sunflowers too. My yellow ones also had multiple heads all season; I would love to try some red ones too! All your photos were delightful!


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