July 27, 2012

Days 162-168

Day 162
 Heliotrope blossoms . . . so pretty and delicate.

Day 163
 Sunflower bud getting bigger every day.

Day 164
 My dad, my sister and my step-mom . . . family get together on Sunday.  Dad looking pretty good for 80.  I have way more gray hair than he does.

Day 165
 Perennial phlox after an evening sprinkle.

Day 166
 Still snow on the mountains mid-July.

Day 167
 Onion flower head . . . yellow stamens stand tall above tiny white petals newly opened.

Day 168 
 Daisy and winged hunter-gatherer.

July 20, 2012

Day 155-161

Day 155
 Lovely blue hydrangea with water drops.

Day 156
 Winged flutter bug that came to visit on a hot summer night.

Day 157
 Black-eyed Susans at Fleetwood Park.

Day 158
 What I see when I step outside my door . . . heliotrope, heather, geraniums, marigolds, lobelia and much more not showing.

Day 159
 Waiting in a construction line-up on the way to White Rock.

Day 160
 Thistle with red insects . . . no idea what they are.

Day 161
O calla lily . . . thou art fair in thy simplicity.


July 13, 2012

Days 148-154

Day 148 
 Weeds or not, there is something magical about these feathery "wishing flowers".

Day 149
 Foxglove curving towards the light . . . such beautiful wildflowers.

Day 150
 The last of the tiger lilies . . . standing tall.

Day 151
These lovely "Angel Eyes" pansies are extremely fragrant . . . nature's perfume.

Day 152
Waiting in a construction line-up on my way to White Rock  . . . fireweed wildflowers  capture my attention and my camera captures them.

Day 153
Way back on Day 85, I posted a shot of some onions that had sprouted green shoots like crazy.  I planted them as I had read that they would produce a lovely onion flower in time.  And here it is, just starting to open.

Day 154 
Been taking the time to kick off the sandals, go barefoot and get grounded.

July 6, 2012

Days 141-147

Day 141
 We have had some very noisy crow conventions around here lately.

Day 142
 Canterbury bells bent low with heavy rains.

Day 143
 Canada Day at Cloverdale Millenium Park
Royal Canadian Mounted Police in their iconic uniforms.

Day 144
 Neighbour kitty comes for a visit every so often . . . such a friendly fella.

Day 145
Another crow shot this week, sitting on a fence post at Evergreen Baptist Senior's Residence.

Day 146
 Now this one just tickles me seeing as I love dragonflies and my favourite colour is green.  The shadows of his wings are so detailed that they look real too.

Day 147
Love this latest gazania flower to open up . . . so vibrant.