July 20, 2012

Day 155-161

Day 155
 Lovely blue hydrangea with water drops.

Day 156
 Winged flutter bug that came to visit on a hot summer night.

Day 157
 Black-eyed Susans at Fleetwood Park.

Day 158
 What I see when I step outside my door . . . heliotrope, heather, geraniums, marigolds, lobelia and much more not showing.

Day 159
 Waiting in a construction line-up on the way to White Rock.

Day 160
 Thistle with red insects . . . no idea what they are.

Day 161
O calla lily . . . thou art fair in thy simplicity.



  1. Beautiful shots! The lily shot is my favorite.

  2. Beautiful series of photos !
    The flower arrangement in front of the door is very beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. What a nice set of photos.
    Wow the flower outside your door are so pretty and colorful.
    Those are some strange looking bugs on that Thistle.
    Your Lily is gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful images and I love the Calla. Thanks for sharing with Flower Art Friday! :)

  5. lots of nice flowers on your doorstep. :)


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