September 28, 2013

Days 218-224

Day 218
 Some photo play using some cutout images from one photo and layering them over another.  I added a texture from Pixel Dust Photo Studio and finally the postmark, postcard stamp and frame from PicMonkey.  I love the final effect.

Day 219
Zack-man, Mr. Mr., Zack-alicious, Sweet Boy.

Day 220
A section of lovely thrift store find featuring one of my favourite flowers.

Day 221
Lavender bundle hanging to dry.

Day 222
The roses are still going strong in Ali's rose garden.

Day 223
God keep our land, glorious and free!

Day 224
Japonica in the first days of autumn.

September 19, 2013

Days 211-217 Photo Art Edition

Day 211
 Peace Lily and Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Day 212
 Blue Jug from Portugal . . . memento from my Gourmet Cup days.

Day 213
 Squirrelly fella stocking up for cooler weather.

Day 214
 Rudbeckias . . . fading glory in the final days of summer.

Day 215
 Sunlight shining on and through ZZ plant leaves.

Day 216
 Zack found Gracie's favourite spot in the window.

Day 217
Sweet nephew at family gathering . . . love the eyes.

September 14, 2013

Days 204-210

Day 204
 Dahlia perfection in Shannon's front yard

Day 205
 Sweet treasures . . . my mama and my dad.

Day 206
 Black-eyed Susan and a shiny green fly.

Day 207
 Interesting evergreen shrub.

Day 208
 Lots of red lights here . . . first of 3 hindrances to making an appointment on time.  Next I ran into some construction and then there was a police incident.  

Day 209
 My little miss is happy her hair is growing back and she has found a new sweet spot to curl up in.

Day 210
Stellar's jay at my friend's house.  
He comes every evening and waits for them to bring out peanuts.

September 3, 2013

Days 197-203

Day 197
 The final days of tomato on the vine.

Day 198
Please, throw me the ball . . . it's under your chair.
(Morgan, house-sitting)

Day 199
Lovely foliage on this succulent.

Day 200
 Making snail tracks on ceramic planter.

Day 201
 My nephew Jon with his baby girl, Jaeden.

Day 202
 Flower beds outside the Surrey Museum . . . we went to see the Birds of Prey exhibit.

Day 203
A glimpse of that little "lion" on a dangerous bug-hunting mission.