September 3, 2013

Days 197-203

Day 197
 The final days of tomato on the vine.

Day 198
Please, throw me the ball . . . it's under your chair.
(Morgan, house-sitting)

Day 199
Lovely foliage on this succulent.

Day 200
 Making snail tracks on ceramic planter.

Day 201
 My nephew Jon with his baby girl, Jaeden.

Day 202
 Flower beds outside the Surrey Museum . . . we went to see the Birds of Prey exhibit.

Day 203
A glimpse of that little "lion" on a dangerous bug-hunting mission.


  1. Oh how wonderful! I admit my favorite is the bug-hunting mission but they are all so very much appreciated this morning. The one of your nephew Jon with Jaeden deserves to be framed, Andrea. Very beautiful and touching. :)

  2. These are fabulous, Andrea Dawn! I only have seen a few photos of your son, but Jon looks like him a bit in this photo. Your captions keep the post light which balances the intensity of the photographs. My heart goes from one extreme to the other. What can I say, but FABULOUS!

  3. I love walking into your life as you see it... it radiates from a heart molded by God... such beauty dear friend... I especially love your little lion

  4. What a feast for the senses Andrea. Of course I love the one with Jon and Jaeden but Gracie the Lion Queen is pretty cute.


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