May 22, 2014

Days 85-91

Day 85
 Ramshackle abandoned building I see everyday coming home from work. Love the old dormer windows and imagine children peeking out the window, whispering to the stars at night after bedtime.

Day 86
 Lilacs down the lane.

Day 87
 Neighbour kitty sitting in the sun on the stairs.

Day 88
 A bunny surprise in the parking lot at work.

Day 89
 Bluebells, cockleshells . . .

Day 90
 How can you resist that look?  Smoky is not allowed out after about 7 pm where I was housesitting but he did not give up easily.  Every night there was much pleading with mournful meows but I stayed strong.

Day 91
Chive pods are popping  . . . purple pompons.

May 16, 2014

Days 78-84

Day 78
 Feathered friend and a highly detailed shadow.

Day 79
 Rhododendron macro.

Day 80
 Getting acquainted with my new sidekick . . . woohoo!

Day 81
 Surprised by this beauty when I stopped by a favourite old barn on my way to work.

Day 82
 Fading glory . . . pretty pink hyacinth.

Day 83
 Yummy treats on the way!

Day 84
Dressing up for our visiting Nigerian healing evangelists, Kola and Bola.
Such an amazing time we had with them.

May 12, 2014

Days 71-77

Day 71
This flashy number caught my eye waiting at a red light.

Day 72
"Tulipa Tarda" . . . only open when the sun shines 
and they bloom in clusters on a single stem.

Day 73
The rain sent all these lovelies sprawling so I cut them to enjoy a little longer.

Day 74
It's a sunny day and the Tarda tulips are open wide.

Day 75
These little visitors always make me smile.

Day 76
First crop of dandelions already gone to seed.  
The child in me still finds these magical.

Day 77
"I send thee pansies while the year is young,
yellow as sunshine, purple as the night.
Flowers of remembrance, ever fondly sung
by all the chiefest of the Sons of Light . . ."
~ Sarah Doudney

May 5, 2014

Days 64-70

Day 64
 New colour coming in the succulent planter.

Day 65
 Wasp building a nest in my bird feeder . . . I was wondering why the little fliers were not coming to eat.  It has been taken care of.

Day 66
 Just over the fence . . . a lovely japonica flowering shrub.

Day 67
 Robin red breast amid clusters of spring blossoms.

Day 68
 And a chickadee too.

Day 69
 Pretty pink camelias.

Day 70
Easter sunrise at Crescent Beach.
He is risen indeed!