May 22, 2014

Days 85-91

Day 85
 Ramshackle abandoned building I see everyday coming home from work. Love the old dormer windows and imagine children peeking out the window, whispering to the stars at night after bedtime.

Day 86
 Lilacs down the lane.

Day 87
 Neighbour kitty sitting in the sun on the stairs.

Day 88
 A bunny surprise in the parking lot at work.

Day 89
 Bluebells, cockleshells . . .

Day 90
 How can you resist that look?  Smoky is not allowed out after about 7 pm where I was housesitting but he did not give up easily.  Every night there was much pleading with mournful meows but I stayed strong.

Day 91
Chive pods are popping  . . . purple pompons.


  1. love the cat photos~ and the others but the eyes are always so captivating and say so mch!

  2. I like the ramshackle building for the same reason you liked it Andrea. You can imagine the stories that house could tell. It reminds me of the Quesnel house and sister time at bed time.

  3. All so wonderfully beautiful... Thanks Andrea. :)


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