June 15, 2016

Days 134-140

Day 134
Ombre carnation.

Day 135
I can see you, little ant-critter. 
 Your work is done; the peony has bloomed.

Day 136
Happy face!

Day 137
Memories of Mama, how she loved the spirea.

Day 138
This rose reminds me of lemon meringue pie.

Day 139
Can't get enough of these frilly chive blossoms.

Day 140
Entry way goals . . . love this look.

June 2, 2016

Days 127-133

Day 127
Magnificent tall bearded iris.

Day 128
Lioness Arising

Day 129
Busy bee . . . so many pretty purple chives blossoms.

Day 130
Tiger lily in Mother's Day bouquet.

Day 131
Fragrant buds will soon unfurl their scent-laden petals.

Day 132
So many colours.

Day 133
Giant Alium amongst the fern fronds.

May 28, 2016

Days 120-126

Day 120
Painted petals.

Day 121
African violets blooming again after a long rest.

Day 122
Funny boys.  This little house shaped shelf has been thoroughly sniffed. Every nook, every cranny. OK, it can stay, kitty approved.

Day 123
Pretty pink strawberry blossoms.

Day 124
White Persian lilacs.

Day 125
Hens & Chicks, no roosters.

Day 126
Mystery shrub, gorgeous foliage and golden clusters.
 Anyone know what this is called?

May 15, 2016

Days 113-119

Day 113
In sunshine and shadow, my constant companion.

Day 114
The strawberry pot is now a succulent nursery.

Day 115
Well rounded rhododendrons.

Day 116
Studious ginger kitty, Zack.

Day 117
Close-up creepy crawler on weathered cedar fencing.

Day 118
Ground cover with delicate white flowers.

Day 119
Peony bud being prepped for blooming by busy ant helpers.

May 5, 2016

Days 106-112

Day 106
 Virginia Creeper waking up after winter rest.

Day 107
 Fashion Show Outreach and Fundraiser final rehearsal.

Day 108
 The circle of life.

Day 109
 Morning sun and shadows.

Day 110
 Crazy kitten, just like a human kidlet, a box is the best toy.

Day 111
 These azaleas look like they have silver sparkles on their stamens.

Day 112
What a noodle this kitty is, his name should be "Flopsy".

April 30, 2016

Days 99-105

Day 99
Blossom bonanza!

Day 100
Juncus effusus "Big Twister" with fun spiral stems.

Day 101 
Beautiful double pink blossoms on a blustery day.

Day 102
Cracked pot, sad face.

Day 103
Pine cone beauty.

Day 104
Comfort buddy for a sick girl.

Day 105
Crochet floral headband for a sweet baby girl.

April 21, 2016

Days 92-98

Day 92
 Grape hyacinth cluster.

Day 93
 Rhododenron bud suggests a pretty pink blossom but they open to almost pure white blooms.

Day 94
 These just might be my favourite . . . pear tree blossoms through the lattice.

Day 95
 Camelia, such an elegant flower.

Day 96
 Japonica pieris, a member of the heather family.

Day 97
Cherry blossoms over the fence.

Day 98
Bashful beauty blooming where its planted.