March 28, 2016

Days 71-77

Day 71
 Main Street, Vancouver. Such lovely old buildings.

Day 72
Through the window on a blustery door. 

Day 73 
 Clematis vine taking off in the foreground while the mini daffodils bob and weave in the wind and rain.

Day 74
 Outdoor succulent looking a little worse for wear.  Nothing a big drink won't help.

Day 75
 Heavenly scent filling my living space.

Day 76
Intricately fashioned, uniquely designed.

Day 77
Baby shower coming up.

March 15, 2016

Days 64-70

Day 64
 Shadow play.

Day 65
 Still going strong.

Day 66
 Bought a little pot of mini daffodils last year and popped them in a big pot after they died off.  Thrilled to see them come back and greatly multiplied.

Day 67
 Pig squeak flower clusters, such a pretty pink.

Day 68
 Beauty unfolding.

Day 69
 Peonies, a "perennial" favourite emerging from their winter rest.

Day 70
My favourite spring bulbs are showing off big time.

March 9, 2016

Days 57-63

Day 57
Tulip in the spotlight.

Day 58
Hydrangea petals just as beautiful in this dried version.

Day 59 
Getting lots of mileage from these tulips. 

Day 60
Japonica clusters will soon burst open to their little white bell flowers.

Day 61
 The first blossoms of spring. Comes a little earlier than the official start of spring in these parts.

Day 62
 Just a single blossom on the white cactus this year. 

Day 63
Colouring book page with a water colour filter.  

March 5, 2016

Days 50-56

Day 50
 Christmas cactus blooming a little late this year.

Day 51
 This building caught my eye in my travels.  Love the textures and geometric shapes.

Day 52
 Crochet turtle toy for a sweet baby boy.

Day 53
 Kitty snuggles with Auntie Shannon.

Day 54
 Full bloom in the morning sun.

Day 55
 Sweet surprise. Found these volunteers in my succulent pot. Happy spring!

Day 56
Mason Jar and grocery store tulips.  The garden variety have not yet shown their faces.