March 15, 2016

Days 64-70

Day 64
 Shadow play.

Day 65
 Still going strong.

Day 66
 Bought a little pot of mini daffodils last year and popped them in a big pot after they died off.  Thrilled to see them come back and greatly multiplied.

Day 67
 Pig squeak flower clusters, such a pretty pink.

Day 68
 Beauty unfolding.

Day 69
 Peonies, a "perennial" favourite emerging from their winter rest.

Day 70
My favourite spring bulbs are showing off big time.


  1. Beautiful and unique images of spring blooms. Is pig squeak the same as elephant's ears? Spring is such a wonderful season of awakening.

  2. our fresh snow is covering everything except the birds in song and dance :)
    lovely colours Andrea... the purple my favourite... I can smell their soft fragrance~


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