March 9, 2016

Days 57-63

Day 57
Tulip in the spotlight.

Day 58
Hydrangea petals just as beautiful in this dried version.

Day 59 
Getting lots of mileage from these tulips. 

Day 60
Japonica clusters will soon burst open to their little white bell flowers.

Day 61
 The first blossoms of spring. Comes a little earlier than the official start of spring in these parts.

Day 62
 Just a single blossom on the white cactus this year. 

Day 63
Colouring book page with a water colour filter.  


  1. you are amazing... wish you were very close so we could play

  2. Andrea, my favourite are the tulips post-edited as a water colour. I like the simple reds and greens against the tan background.


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