March 5, 2016

Days 50-56

Day 50
 Christmas cactus blooming a little late this year.

Day 51
 This building caught my eye in my travels.  Love the textures and geometric shapes.

Day 52
 Crochet turtle toy for a sweet baby boy.

Day 53
 Kitty snuggles with Auntie Shannon.

Day 54
 Full bloom in the morning sun.

Day 55
 Sweet surprise. Found these volunteers in my succulent pot. Happy spring!

Day 56
Mason Jar and grocery store tulips.  The garden variety have not yet shown their faces.


  1. Light glowing through flower petals is so very pretty. More great snaps from your world.

  2. your world is indeed full of light and God's glory... you blessed one with eyes that see!


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