August 31, 2013

Days 190-196

Day 190
 I keep having to move the bird feeder to foil the attempts of some rather unsavory critters that steal all the food.  This little friend was enjoying the new stash before it got raided again.

Day 191
 Yummy home grown, but pretty small.
Still happy to have them.

Day 192
 Once in a blue moon . . . this one is the seasonal kind.

Day 193
 Little pile of treasures waiting to be wrapped and sent off for various birthdays and other occasions.

Day 194
 This has been my favourite planter this year.
Always makes me smile.

Day 195
 Mr. Zack thinking he might like to try some blueberry waffles and maple syrup.
He did not get any.

Day 196
My poor little miss, bearing the grave indignity of being shorn of her glorious locks. She had some mats that I could not get rid off so the groomers had to give her a lion cut. She looks pretty pathetic and is rather skittish at this point.

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  1. Oh poor baby! She is still beautiful. And I can understand why that is your favorite planter this year. It is absolutely lovely. :)


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